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"You never know what will happen next, but when it's over you find a passionate declaration of naivete in the best sense: innocence regained." 

— Alastair Macaulay, New York Times


"Not only immensely entertaining but also intensely musical and witty, melding tap, disco, ballet and contemporary dance over 22 scenes that combine fantasy and silliness to marvelous effect." 

— Roslyn Sulcas, New York Times


"It's easy to love David Parker's dance comedies, Unlike much dance that tries too hard to be funny, Parker's droll wit seems to bubble up naturally, irrepressibly through dances bursting with clever concepts and careful craft.  And his performers have the intrepid vulnerability of the greatest clowns."

— Lisa Kraus, Dance Magazine


"Parker knows the music inside and out and treats it with the loving if somewhat irreverent touch of a hipster with a heart of mistletoe."

— Marina Harss, The New Yorker


"If you've ever seen David Parker's Nut/Cracked, you might have laughed yourself breathless.  The final duet, performed to Tchaikovsky's sublime Sugar Plum music, punctuates lifts between two men with thumb-in-mouth antics.  Not all his works (con)fuse romance with toddler comforts, but many of his pieces are just as hilarious."

— Wendy Perron, Dance Magazine


"If you're suffering from Nutcracker overload, The Bang Group's sweet but subversive riff is a tonic.  Bubble wrap, Duke Ellington, and takeout Chinese noodles get stir-fried with sections of plain old lovely dancing, and it works."

— Leigh Witchel, New York Post


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