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Dance NOW|Boston

In two separate programs, DANCE NOW | Boston will present Boston artists Lorraine Chapman, Janelle Gilchrist, KAIROS Dance Theater, Meghan McLyman and Jenny Oliver along with New York-based artists The Bang Group and Megan Williams. DANCE NOW | Boston, now in its 9th season, creates a creative bridge between NYC and Boston by commissioning Boston choreographers to bring or create work for shared programs in both cities. DANCE NOW Boston works in close collaboration with DANCE NOW | NYC.

The Julie Ince Thompson Theatre

The Dance Complex

536 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA

May 13th (@ 8pm) and 14th (@ 7pm)

The Bang Group (NYC)

Janelle Gilchrist (BOS)

Meghan McLyman (BOS)

Jenny Oliver (BOS)


May 20th (@8pm) and 21st (@ 7pm)

The Bang Group (NYC)

Lorraine Chapman The Company (BOS)

KAIROS Dance Theater (BOS)

Megan Williams Dance Projects (NYC)

For more information and to purchase tickets, click here

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