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Soaking WET

Soaking WET

Soaking WET is a series of choreographic evenings curated by David Parker, whose company, David Parker and The Bang Group has been the first and only resident-dance company of the West End Theater since January 2003. Parker is committed to bringing together artists of varied backgrounds and levels of experience in order to break down aesthetic barriers and achieve mutual inspiration. The artists are united by their commitment to movement and their understanding that vigorous experimentation can take many forms. Soaking WET has received generous support from The Jerome Robbins Foundation and New York City's Department of Cultural Affairs

If you or someone you know would like to be a part of an upcoming WET event, please contact David Parker:


Upcoming Shows

May 19-22, 2016

• Katy Orthwein, Joshua Bisset / The Shua Group
• Christopher Williams, Lawrence Goldhuber / Big Man Arts

The intimate and friendly West End Theater will once again play host to the Soaking WET dance series, curated by David Parker and Jeff Kazin, May 19-22, two performances, two different programs daily. The early performances will be shared by Joshua Bisset/Shuagroup and Katy Orthwein; the later shows will feature the ensembles of Larry Goldhuber and Christopher Williams.

Thursday-Saturday at 7 PM and Sunday at 2 PM

Choreographed by Joshua Bisset in collaboration with Malik Nashad Sharpe
Take it All explores masculinity and racial perceptions through an intimate and ruthlessly physical duet. The work is the second in a series of collaborative engagements between the two dance artists which confront the boundaries of their perceptions of each other. Performers are Joshua Bisset and Malik Nashad Sharpe; Laura Quattrocchi designed the set, which is a tapestry of sanitary napkins.

The Orthwein dancers vacillate between steadiness and abandon, intimacy and space, exploring how time can seemingly suspend, then cascade in this second phase of Mirage, an ongoing project with dancers Jean Freebury, Minna Liimatainen, Orthwein and Jessica Weiss. The original score is by Cynthia Hopkins, costumes are by Joy Havens, and an added projection element of super-8 film footage has been added for the Soaking WET series.

Thursday-Saturday at 8:30 PM; Sunday at 4 PM

Director/choreographer Goldhuber will present two excerpts from Smite, a work that rewrites classic lessons in morality, twisting them into dance narratives that confront our country's perpetual state of war. Set to original commissioned music by Geoff Gersh, the first excerpt, "David & Goliath," will be performed by the choreographer joined by Roy Fialkow (of the Trockaderos). Two recent graduates from Manhattanville College, Alexandra Montalbano and Elyse Desmond, will perform a more abstract excerpt to a collaged soundtrack by composer Gersh of Biblical names.

Williams will present excerpts from his latest work, Il Giardino d'Amore, excerpted for an ensemble of five and set to Alessandro Scarlatti's 18th century serenata Il Giardino di Amore, inspired by the mythic lovers Venus and Adonis. Dancers are Christiana Axelsen, Andrew Champlin, Raja Kelly, Kyle Gerry and Justin Lynch. Costumes are designed by Andrew Jordan.


For Katy Orthwein Dance Project, Shua Group  click here
For Christopher Williams, Lawrence Goldhuber/BIGMANARTS:  click here

September 22-26, 2016

• Women In Motion

February 16-19, 2017

• Catherine Tharin

May 18-21, 2017

• Helen Simoneau
• Ben Munisteri, Lorraine Chapman & Bronwen MacArthur, Dierdre Towers




The West End Theater is located on the second floor of the Church of St. Paul & St. Anthony at 263 West 86th Street (between Broadway and West End Avenue).  Take the 1/9 train to 86th Street.  Use the ramp on the north side of the street to enter the church.  The theater is located on the second floor.  An elevator is available.

Contact Jeffrey Kazin at 212-337-9565 or


Chase Angier, Dylan Baker, Eleanor Barisser, Barkin/Selissen Project*, Mary Barnett, Patricia Beaman, Ian Spencer Bell*, Karen Bernard, Robert Bingham, Josh Bisset, Wendy Blum, Lorene Bouboushian, Racy Brand, Lise Brenner, Tricia Brouk*, Marsi Burns, Christopher Caines, Darrah Carr, John Carrafa, Gerald Casel, Ryan Casey, Colleen Cavanaugh, Lorraine Chapman*, Janet Charleston, Tze, Chun, Mary Cochran, Rachel Cohen, Tina Croll, Eva Dean, Alberto Denis, Kate Digby, Chris Dohse, Maura Donohue*, Fiona Dolenga*, Carlye Eckert, Jennifer Edwards, Kelli Edwards, Ara Fitzgerald, Ashley A. Friend, Keely Garfield*, Leigh Garret, Aviva Geismar*, Lawrence Goldhuber/BigManArts, Alan Good, Erin Gottwald, Groundworks Dance Theater*, Luke Gutgsell, Daniel Gwirtzman, Johanna Hegenscheidt*, Garnet Henderson, Sue Hogan, Sara Hook, Jordan Isadore (Sara du Jour), Risa Jaroslow, Elizabeth Johnson, Kai Kleinbard, Annie Kloppenberg, Alice Klugherz, Tennille Lambert, Amy Larimer*, Heidi Latsky, Rachel List, Deborah Lohse*, Khaleah, London, Katherine Longstreth*, Johanna LjungQvist-Brinson/Hanna Q Dance Company, Rachel Lynch-John, Aislinn MacMaster, MADboots Dance Company (Jonathan Campbell & Austin Diaz), Angela Maffia, Barbara Mahler, Cori Marquis, Paul Matteson, Amy Miller, Marta Miller, Joseph Mills, Tiffany Mills, Elisabeth Motley/Motley Dance, Cassandra Motta, Jessica Morgan, Adele Myers & Dancers*, Gregory Nuber, Donnell Oakley, Katy Orthwein Dance Projects, Joshua Palmer, David Parker, Peggy Peloquin, Nicole Pierce, Molly Rabinowitz, Zoe Rabinowitz, Erin Reck, Jonathan Reidel, Marta Renzi, Amy Rosen, Janice Rosario*, Laura Shapiro, Vicky Shick*, Shua Group, Dixie Shulman, Silva Dance Company, Megan Sipe, Amber Sloan*, John Sorensen-Jolink, Jody Sperling, Kristi Spessard, Rebecca Stenn*, Alice Teirstein, 10 Hairy Legs, Catherine Tharin*, Emily Tschifelly, Jordana Toback, Deirdre Towers, Kathryn Tufano, Aynsley Vandenbroucke, Diane Vivona, Debra Wanner*, Christopher Williams, Zack Winokur, Katie Workham, Anne Zuerner

*denotes Full Production

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